Lessons in this module
Table of contents
The Home page 8
The Lesson page 9
Interactives: RGB color, Light intensity, Magnification, Law of reflection,
Snell's law, the Critical angle, Thin lens formula, Magnification distances,
Speed of light, Forming images with a convex lens,
Images in a convex spherical mirror, Images in a concave spherical mirror
Audiovisual resources 25
Lesson 1 Properties of light 27
Lesson 2 Optical devices 30
Lesson 3 Reflection 33
Lesson 4 Refraction of light 36
Lesson 5 Snell’s law and the critical angle 39
Lesson 6 Real and virtual images 42
Lesson 7 Ray tracing for lenses 45
Lesson 8 Thin lens formula 48
Lesson 9 Compound optics 51
Lesson 10 Human vision and its correction 54
Lesson 11 Technology and digital images 57
Lesson 12 Light, color, and frequency 60
Bonus investigation: Energy levels of the atom 63

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