Lessons in this module
Table of contents
The Home page 8
The Lesson page 9
Interactives: Stopwatch and timer, Real-time motion graphs,
Encoder signals, Ticker tape chart, Displacement in 1 and 2 D,
Position and velocity graphs, Graphing utility, Acceleration
Newton’s second law, Navigating a maze, Race course simulation,
Cart on incline, Programming the ErgoBot, Constant velocity,
Velocity in accelerated motion, Position in accelerated motion,
Newton’s second law, Acceleration down a ramp
Audiovisual resources 34
Lesson 1 Describing motion 36
Lesson 2 Vectors 39
Lesson 3 Motion graphs 42
Lesson 4 Acceleration on a ramp 45
Lesson 5 Models of accelerated motion 48
Lesson 6 Newton's second law 51
Lesson 7 Vector navigation 54
Lesson 8 Motion on an inclined plane 57
Lesson 9 Programming the ErgoBot 60
Lesson 10 Variables and nested loops 63
Design challenge 1 Robot slalom 66
Design challenge 2 Miniature golf 69
Design challenge 3 Road rally 72
Design challenge 2 Shipping and receiving 75
Design challenge 2 Two-robot competition 78
Bonus inv. 1 Force vs. distance graph 81
Bonus inv. 2 Friction and losses 84
Asessments 87

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