Lessons in this module
Table of contents
The Home page 8
The Lesson page 9
Interactives: Stopwatch and timer, Oscillating spring, Waves, Wave interactions,
Physics of sound, Standing waves on a vibrating string, Electronic keyboard,
Sound waves and the keyboard, Doppler effect, Multifrequency sound,
Frequency and period, Speed, wavelength, and frequency
Audiovisual resources 25
Lesson 1 Frequency and period 30
Lesson 2 Oscillators 34
Lesson 3 Resonance 38
Lesson 4 Waves 42
Lesson 5 Wave interactions 46
Lesson 6 Interference 50
Lesson 7 Resonance and standing waves 54
Lesson 8 Sound waves 58
Lesson 9 The speed of sound and the Doppler effect 62
Lesson 10 The frequency spectrum 66
Lesson 11 Interference and beats 70
Lesson 12 Resonance and sound 74
Lesson 13 Musical sound 78

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