_The ErgoDAQ is a novel yet practical data acquisition apparatus that is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play interface between a wide variety of laboratory equipment and a computer or mobile device.

At Ergopedia, we see the future of science education to be the hands-on approach with a focus on e-learning.  Central to e-learning are:  ready-to-go computer, with no need to install new software; all-inclusive curriculum; wide-range of laboratory equipment; investigations that are integrated between apparatus, computer, and curriculum; easy-to-use laboratory equipment that does not need to be calibrated; and a systems-approach, where the electronics and software are set up automatically for the investigation the student is running.

The ErgoDAQ was designed to fit into this vision of e-learning by acting as the bridge between the real-word and the virtual-world.  The ErgoDAQ is the interface that makes challenging concepts—such as motion, electricity, and heat—come alive for students in real-time on their computers.

Advantages of the ErgoDAQ™
The ErgoDAQ was designed to simplify the educator and students' experience, allowing them to focus on what is important:  the science and the investigations, not computer compatibility.

When running an investigation in Essential Physics, all you have to do is:  click on the investigation in the e-Book; plug the ErgoDAQ into the computer's USB port; and then plug the appropriate apparatus into the ErgoDAQ.  You're all done and ready to go!  No more juggling different pieces of laboratory equipment—each with its own connectors, software to be installed, and peculiarities. 

Students plug a wide range of equipment—the ErgoBot, sensors, ErgOscillator, voltage source, temperature probe, or sound device—directly into the ErgoDAQ and receive the data immediately into their computer or mobile device.  They manipulate the data through custom interactive tools developed within our e-Book environment.

No more installation of software drivers, data acquisition software, graphing programs, statistical packages, and the like. All the equipment in the Essential Physics curriculum will work together, right out of the box, because of the simplicity of the ErgoDAQ interface.

About the ErgoDAQ™

The ErgoDAQ has many different data ports:  USB for computer control and data acquisition; two RJ45 ethernet plugs for sensors, such as a light sensor or temperature probe; heater plug; two standard plugs for an output voltage source; input audio for a microphone; and output audio for speakers.

In some low-power configurations the ErgoDAQ is powered directly from the computer's USB port; in higher-power configurations it is powered by a standard plug from a power adapter providing 18V DC input voltage.

Laboratory instruments plug directly into the ErgoDAQ and need no extra step of calibration.  When a particular investigation is clicked from the e-Book running on your computer or mobile device, the ErgoDAQ immediately “knows” what apparatus and connectors will be used.  The ErgoDAQ requires no special software installation:  it works right out of the box by running within our e-Book environment.